Communication app that provides free calls even over congested networks

  • Category Utilities
  • License Free
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  • Size 14 MB
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.gentaycom.nanu
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Nanu is one of the first 100% anonymous social networking platforms that let you share stories, pics, videos, and more with a single click.

Want to share, but don’t want people to know who you are? Nanu is for you! This app doesn’t require a username or a password – you won’t even have to connect your Twitter, Google, or your Facebook account! All you have to do is install, open, and go straight to posting.

Nanu includes a built-in anonymizer tool that lets you anonymize your photos with a single swipe; share all kinds of photos of you, your family, and your friends doing silly things without having to worry about your privacy!

It’s important to note that support for this app is limited and the app is in German. There is no English, Spanish, Chinese, or other translations available; it is however very intuitive to use, so for most the language barrier won’t be a problem.

Aside from only being available in German, Nanu is a fun and engaging anonymous social networking app for Android that’s definitely worth trying out.


  • 100% Anonymous and Free Social Networking And when we say 100%, we mean 100%! There are no log-ins, no connecting accounts, no verification SMS, just fun and effortless social networking on your Android device.
  • Anonymize Your Photos with a Single Swipe The built-in anonymizer tool allows you to blur faces, identifying information, and anything else with a single swipe.
  • No Logins, No Connecting Accounts, Just Download and Use To use Nanu you just download, run, and you’re done! No extra steps needed!


  • Only in German There are many non-German speakers on the app, but the app itself is German only. Most will be able to get around on it just fine, though.